BaoMa Pediatric Tuina JOYRE TCMedi Spa, 03-02/03, Parkway Parade 19 Nov - 31 Dec

Paediatric Tuina is a form of external TCM therapy which stimulates specific acupuncture points or areas to manage and prevent common ailments in children. BAOMA Pediatric Tuina services is popular especially among young parents due to its natural healing method that is much more effective, holistic and safe for our children’s development, instead of common injection and antibiotics.

- Abdominal Care (Constipation, Diarrhoea, Poor appetite) 40% off online booking $58.80+

- Brain Development 40% off online booking $58.80+

- Immune & Strengthen Body $98/session | $38+ first trial

- Children Flu / Cough 40% off online booking $58.80+

- Naval Therapy 40% off online booking $58.80+

- Herbal Patch (By Type)