Oldie-Licious elemen 元素™ , 03-13, PLQ 05 May - 30 Jun

From 5 May to 30 June 2022, be enthralled in a nostalgic feast of meatless classics, each marked by a respect for its own tradition and dialect, thoughtfully curated by the Chief Operating Officer and Executive Chef Andy Kueh. This well-rounded 8-course spread is sure to award your taste buds with sensational element of surprises, and leave you savouring in the neoteric version of nostalgic cuisine.

8-Course Set Menu includes

- Classic Appetiser Trio 经典开胃三拼

- Double-boiled Soup with Mushrooms and Salted Vegetable 鲜菌咸菜炖汤

- Claypot Eggplant with Diced Mushroom 茄子花菇煲

- Stir Fried King Oyster Mushroom with Black Pepper Sauce 香炒黑胡椒杏鲍菇

- Vegetable Dumpling in Butternut Squash Broth 鲜菜饺子配胡桃南瓜汁

- Vinegar Lor Mee 醋卤面

- Osmanthus Jelly with Goji Berries 枸杞桂花糕

-Peachy Orange Lemongrass Juice 冰香茅汁配蜜桃橙子

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