T2 x Brooke Sutton T2, 01-20, 313@somerset 20 Sep - 28 Sep

We introduce a collaboration with vibrant artist and proud Kalkadoon woman, Brooke Sutton.

It's an honor to work with 18-year-old contemporary Kalkadoon Aboriginal artist, Sutton, on a new range of teawares. At T2 we celebrate all flavours and tastes in tea but also with art, music and other forms of creativity. Each piece of teaware is decorated with her paintings which invites you to hold a connection to community in your hands.

Reconciliation, connection and education is at the heart of everything Brooke does, and her T2 collection is no different. The pieces creates a narrative of how together, we can create a stronger country for everyone to call home.

Her paintings feature Medicine Leaves and Healing Country - it's a connection to community in the palm of your hands.

Medicine Leaves Mirrithin Kungala

This collection celebrates the healing properties of the land through native flora, fauna and landscape. It's Sutton's interpretation of Mirrithin Kungala - which means Bush Medicine in the Kalkadoon language.

“Different flowers throughout the painting represents the different ingredients and natural Bush Medicine in the teas,” explains Brooke.

Healing Country Yapatjarra Muu

Expanding on the story of T2's commitment to the planet and product, this collection shines light on healthier environments and stronger communities through her interpretation of “Yapatjarra Muu” — which means “Healing Country” in the Kalkadoon language.

“The bees and dragonflies represent T2’s hard work towards creating a sustainable future,” says Brooke in her artist statement.