In order to qualify for a membership, you need to: 

- Be at least 16 years old
- Valid Singapore mobile number to register on the Lendlease Plus website, Lendlease Plus mobile app or at the Customer Service Counter of 313@somerset, Jem, Parkway Parade or Paya Lebar Quarter. 

You need your Mobile number, Date of Birth, Gender, Contact Number, Postal Code as well as Email Address if you are registering on the website or via the smartphone app. 

 How to Earn Points 

Earning Lendlease Plus$ is an easy 3-step process:
1. Shop at any of the participating retailers at malls managed by Lendlease.
2. Take a photo of the receipt. Your receipt must reflect store name, mall name, unit number, date, purchase amount and receipt number.
3. Upload the photo through the Lendlease Plus App.

All receipts must be submitted within 7 days from the date of the corresponding Qualifying purchase. For example, if the receipt is dated 5 Oct 2020, the receipt must be submitted no later than 12 Oct 2020, 11:59pm.

 Basic Member  Premium Member   With the Basic Tier, every S$1 you spend allows you to earn 10 Lendlease Plus$. With every $1 spent on supermarket purchases, you will earn 2 Lendlease Plus$. Spend a total of $8,000 within 12 months at any of our malls to get promoted into Premium Tier to earn 2 times the Lendlease Plus$ for every $1 spent. 


When you have sufficient points to redeem for your Lendlease Gift Voucher, just log on to your account on Lendlease Plus mobile app to redeem them.
You can also purchase a Lendlease Gift voucher via a credit card payment.
$5 Lendlease
Gift Voucher 
10,000 Lendlease Plus$
$10 Lendlease
Gift Voucher
20,000 Lendlease Plus$
$50 Lendlease
Gift Voucher
100,000 Lendlease Plus$

 Lendlease Park Plus$ 

Use your Lendlease Plus$ to redeem Lendlease Park Plus$, which you can use to pay or offset your carpark charges at Lendlease Malls. Do note that it takes up to 15 minutes for your Lendlease Park Plus$ to be credited into your Wallet and System.
$1 Park PLUS$ 2,000 Lendlease Plus$