Lendlease Plus Terms & Conditions 

Lendlease Plus

The Lendlease group rewards programme Lendlease Plus ("Programme") is a digital loyalty programme managed by Lendlease Retail Pte. Ltd. and its related entities ("Lendlease"). Programme members (each a "Member") can enjoy benefits and/or privileges and accumulate Lendlease membership points ("Lendlease Plus$") which can be used to redeem rewards at the following retail malls managed by Lendlease:



Parkway Parade;

Paya Lebar Quarter;

and such other malls as may be designated by Lendlease from time to time (each a "Mall")

Upon the submission of the application for membership, and by participating in the Programme, the Member is deemed to have read and agree to all the terms & conditions of the Programme as set forth herein, as well as subsequent amendments that Lendlease may make from time to time and post on this site, and the terms of the Privacy Policy at lendleaseplus.com/privacy-policy("Terms & Conditions").


All applicants must be at least sixteen (16) years of age on the date they activate their membership in order to be eligible for Lendlease Plus membership ("Membership"). Lendlease reserves the right to request for proof of age at any time.

Lendlease reserves the right to accept or reject an application for Membership at its sole and absolute discretion without assigning any reason

Membership Account

Application for Membership can be done via the Lendlease website www.lendleaseplus.com/registration ("Website"), the Lendlease Plus App ("App") or at our malls' concierge ("Concierge Desk").

The applicant must provide to Lendlease his Singapore-based mobile number, which must be verified via the Website, App, or at the Concierge Desk, in order to activate his membership. All applicants must also provide a valid email address, unless they are above the age of fifty (50) years and do not have a valid email address. For applicants above the age of fifty (50) years without a valid email address, please register for an account at any of our mall’s concierge desk.

Contact details provided by an applicant to Lendlease (including his email address and mobile number) may be used by Lendlease to send information regarding the applicant's application. If the application for Membership is accepted, Lendlease may also use the Member's contact details to send information regarding his membership account, Membership, and activities or transactions relating to the membership account and Membership.

Upon acceptance by Lendlease of an application for Membership, each Member will be issued with only one (1) membership account. The Membership, including the Plus$ and all other privileges, rights, or benefits under the Membership, are strictly non-transferable. Lendlease reserves the right to merge and consolidate the details and benefits of any duplicate account of the Member into the Member's earlier account. Lendlease is not responsible for any loss of Membership privileges and/or services due to duplicate Membership.

Each Member will also be issued with an online account and he/she will be responsible for, and bear the risk of, all activities or transactions made on or pursuant to this account, whether or not such use is authorised by the Member. Lendlease shall not be responsible for any losses that may be suffered by a Member or any third party as a result of any unauthorised, unlawful, or fraudulent use of a Member's account. To prevent any unauthorised use, each Member agrees to take such actions as are necessary to maintain the confidentiality of his account details.

All Memberships will start from the date of Membership activation. All Members will enjoy a lifetime Membership for the Programme, while Plus$ earned will have a separate validity period (see below). Lendlease however reserves the right to impose an expiry date on any Membership at any time without giving any reason whatsoever.

Members who wish to discontinue their Membership must provide written notice to Lendlease at enquiries@member.lendleaseplus.com, following which Lendlease will provide a confirmation email of such termination. 

Each Member shall ensure that his contact information provided to Lendlease (including his email address and/or phone number, where applicable) shall be kept accurate and updated. In the event that Lendlease is unable to contact a Member through his contact information provided to Lendlease, Lendlease shall be entitled to immediately terminate or suspend the Membership and all Plus$, benefits, and privileges associated with that Member.

Any breach of these Terms & Conditions or abuse of any rights or privileges under the Programme by a Member may result in immediate termination, suspension of Membership, and/or withdrawal of privileges without prior notification. Such Members may also be blacklisted by Lendlease, and barred from participating in all Lendlease loyalty programmes indefinitely.

Lendlease reserves the right to terminate any Membership in the Programme at its sole and absolute discretion without assigning any reason. 

Upon the discontinuance or termination of a Member’s Membership, all outstanding Lendlease Plus$, e-Vouchers, benefits and privileges of the Member will be cancelled with immediate effect, and the Member’s personal data will be retained for a period of six (6) months.

The Member may reactivate his/her original Membership account within the six (6) month period from the cessation of his/her original Membership. Lendlease reserves the right to accept or reject an application for such reactivation at its sole and absolute discretion without assigning any reason. Following this six (6) month period, the Member will not be able to reactivate his/her original Membership and will have to apply for a new Membership in accordance with these Terms & Conditions in order to participate in the Programme.

Lendlease Plus$

A Member may start earning and accumulating Plus$ upon successful activation of his/her Membership. Receipts transacted prior to the date of the Lendlease Plus membership registration date will not be accepted.

Members may only earn Plus$ on purchases above the minimum spend of S$10 in a single receipt (including the cash value of any vouchers or store-credit used), made by the Member at designated stores within the Malls (a "Qualifying Purchase"). No Plus$ will be awarded for any purchases or transactions made at or with the following locations or parties:

Non-participating retail stores within the Malls;

Money changer / Bank / ATM / any financial services;

NETS / credit / debit cards transaction slips;

Pushcarts within the Malls;

Temporary vendors at promotional spaces within the Malls including atrium fairs;

SISTIC / AXS / SAM payments or transactions;

Cashcard / stored value card top-up transactions;

Bill payments;

Lottery tickets;

Pawn shops;

Purchase/renewal of retailer’s membership fee

Online purchases;

Reprinted/Duplicated Receipts,

(collectively, the "Disqualified Transactions").

^ e-receipts are accepted only if the mall name and store name & unit number are clearly stated, along with the other qualifying requirements i.e. total amount and receipt number

A Qualifying Purchase made by a Member for which Plus$ have been successfully credited shall be referred to as a "Successful Purchase".

Plus$ earned do not have any monetary value, and can only be used under this Programme for the redemption of designated rewards at selected Malls ("Rewards") (see below). Plus$ may not be sold, bartered, transferred, exchanged for cash or otherwise.

Submission of proofs of purchase

A Member can use the original proofs of purchase issued for any Qualifying Purchase, including store receipts ("Proof of Purchase"), to earn Plus$ as follows:

using the Lendlease Plus Earn Points function in the App (available in the App Store and Google Play Store) to submit a photograph of the Proof of Purchase made within 7 days from the date of the corresponding Qualifying Purchase, and such submission will take up to two days to process;

presenting his Proof of Purchase at the Concierge Desk within 7 days from the date of the corresponding Qualifying Purchase was made. Plus$ earned in this manner will be credited immediately into the respective Member's account;

for Proofs of Purchase with QR codes, using the App to scan the QR code on the Proof of Purchase. Plus$ earned in this manner will be credited immediately into the respective Member's account;

through any other means which may be implemented by Lendlease from time to time.

Members may check the status of submissions of any proof of purchase made via the App, within the App itself. An email or in-App notification may also be sent to a Member when Plus$ are successfully awarded to him

Members may also view their Plus$ balance by login into their account at www.lendleaseplus.com.

Plus$ may only be awarded for Proofs of Purchase submitted via the App if the image of the Proof of Purchase is clear and submitted in accordance with the instructions specified in the App, as may be amended by Lendlease from time to time

If the image of any Proof of Purchase submitted via the App is determined by Lendlease to be unclear or incomplete, the Member may be given one additional chance to resubmit the same Proof of Purchase by writing in via the contact us form within the Lendlease Plus app or website within seven (7) days from the date of Lendlease’s rejection of the initial submission ("Date of Rejection"). It is the responsibility of Members to turn on the push notification function for their phone to ensure that they are able to receive notifications from Lendlease regarding their submission, and to monitor the status of their submissions via the App. Any re-submission of Proofs of Purchase done other than through the App, or after seven (7) days from the Date of Rejection has lapsed, shall be considered invalid.

Each re-submitted Proof of Purchase will be checked against the initial Proof of Purchase submitted. It will take up to seven (7) working days to process any re-submitted Proof of Purchase.

Any Proof of Purchase used by the Member to earn Plus$, whether via the App or at the Concierge Desk, must be kept by the Member until Plus$ from that Proof of Purchase are credited into the Member's account, or where the Proof of Purchase was rejected, until seven (7)days after the Date of Rejection.

Members may only submit and earn Plus$ once for each Proof of Purchase submitted. Resubmission of any Proofs of Purchase that have been previously submitted and/or for which Plus$ have already been awarded will not earn any Plus$.

Members may only earn Plus$ using the App through purchases with participating retail stores within the Mall(s). Full list of participating retailers is available at www.lendleaseplus.com/participating-stores as may be updated from time to time by Lendlease.

All Plus$ earned based on a Proof of Purchase presented and claimed at the Concierge Desk by a Member shall be considered to be final and determinative of the amount of Plus$ the Member shall earn for that Proof of Purchase, notwithstanding any earlier or simultaneous submission of the same Proof of Purchase by the Member through the App.

Award of Plus$

A Member may earn the following Plus$ for Qualifying Purchases as follows:
Location of Qualifying Purchase Plus$ earned
Supermarkets (including NTUC Fairprice, Cold Storage, Giant, and The Market Place outlets) 2 Plus$ per S$1 spent
All other participating retail, food and beverage and service outlets within the Malls 10 Plus$ per S$1 spent

Each Basic Member can only earn a maximum of 10,000 Lendlease Plus$ (excluding any bonus points unless specified) and a Premium member can only earn a maximum of 20,000 Lendlease Plus$ (excluding any bonus point unless specified) from Successful Transactions per day, regardless of the actual amount spent or total value of the Proofs of Purchase presented.

Each Member can earn double the Plus$ for Qualifying Purchases made during their birthday month, with the Plus$ issued based on base spend, capped at a maximum of 20,000 Plus$ for Basic members and 30,000 Plus$ for Premium members earned from Successful Purchases per day.

A Member may only earn Plus$ on Qualifying Purchases made by him. Members shall not be entitled to any Plus$ for Qualifying Purchases made by other persons, including other Members.

For Qualifying Purchases with spend amounts that include a cent value, Plus$ earned will be rounded down to the nearest number. For instance, where a Member's Qualifying Purchase was made at a participating retail store, and:

the Member's spend amount is S$50.49, he/she will receive 500 Plus$;

the Member's spend amount is S$49.51, he/she will receive 490 Plus$.

Any Plus$ earned in a calendar year (i.e. between January to December) will expire on 31 December of that year. A bonus six (6) months grace period until 30 June of the following year will be given to all Members to redeem Plus$ for Rewards. For example, Plus$ earned during 1 April 2019 to 31 December 2019 will no longer be valid after the grace period expires on 30 June 2020.

Lendlease shall endeavour to notify Members of their expiring Plus$ prior to the expiry date where they have opted in to receive communication/notifications from Lendlease.

Plus$ and their accompanying benefits shall automatically expire or be forfeited upon the expiry date of the Plus$ regardless of whether the Member has received prior notice.

Each Member is solely responsible for monitoring the validity and expiry periods of his Plus$, redemption of e-Vouchers or any other rewards with his Plus$ before expiry, verifying his own Plus$ balances, and contacting Lendlease where any balances are incorrect.

Lendlease reserves the right to void, cancel, reject, invalidate, or retract, in its sole discretion, any Plus$ any time before redemption without cause, including any suspicious, fraudulent, or bad faith use of Plus$.

Premium Membership

Members with S$8,000 or more worth of valid receipts ("Minimum Spend") submitted at least two (2) days prior to the end of each Membership Year ("Qualification Period") may be selected by Lendlease in its sole discretion to be upgraded from their regular membership to a premium membership (the "Premium Membership"). Holders of Premium Memberships ("Premium Members") earn double the Lendlease Plus$ on Qualifying Purchases made, capped at a maximum of 20,000 Lendlease Plus$ per day. "Membership Year" means:

the twelve-month period following a Member’s sign-up date;

(b)in the case of a Premium Member, the twelve-month period following the date that they were upgraded to Premium Membership; or

any twelve-month anniversary of either of the above dates

Once a Member achieves the Minimum Spend during the Qualification Period, Lendlease will require a 2-day verification period ("Verification Period") to verify and confirm Proofs of Purchase submitted by the Member. After Lendlease has verified that the Member has achieved the Minimum Spend: (i) regular Members shall be granted Premium Membership for one year with effect from the next day following the end of the Verification Period; (ii) existing Premium Members shall be granted a renewal of their Premium Membership for another year with effect from the end of the relevant Membership Year. Any further amounts spent beyond the Minimum Spend during the remainder of the Qualification Period will not result in an extension of the Membership Year or count towards the Minimum Spend for future Membership Years.
For example:

If the start date of a Membership is 16 November 2020, the Member must meet the Minimum Spend by 13 November 2021 to obtain Premium Membership (for regular Members), or to renew their Premium Membership (for existing Premium Members). If Lendlease verifies and approves that the Member has met the Minimum Spend by 15 November 2021:

If he is a regular Member, he shall be upgraded to Premium Membership with effect from the day following the end of the Verification Period; and

if he is an existing Premium Member, his Premium Membership shall be renewed for one year with effect from the date after the expiry of the current Premium Membership Year, being 16 November 2021.

Where Lendlease finds that an existing Premium Member does not meet the renewal criteria for renewal of his Premium Membership, the Premium Membership will be reverted to regular Membership, with effect from the day immediately after the expiry of the current Premium Membership Year being verified.

For example, if the start date of a Premium Membership is 16 November 2020, the Premium Member must meet the Minimum Spend by 13 November 2021 to renew their Premium Membership for another year. However, where Lendlease determines during the Verification Period that the Premium Member has not met the Minimum Spend (whether due to invalid Proofs of Purchase or otherwise), the Premium Member will be downgraded to regular Membership with effect from 16 November 2021.

Any amounts spent by Members after the Qualification Period do not count towards the calculation of minimum spend for the current Membership Year being verified, but shall be included in the calculation of Minimum Spend for the following Membership Year.

Lendlease reserves the right to amend, modify, or change the qualifying criteria for and/or the terms and conditions of the Premium Memberships.


A Member can redeem his/her Plus$ for Rewards subject to availability and on a first-come, first-served basis.

Rewards may include:

Lendlease vouchers or e-Vouchers;

vouchers/e-Vouchers or discounts from retailers of the Mall;

car park redemption; and

perks offered by partners and/or affiliates of Lendlease, including any payment partners ("Partners")

The full list of current Rewards that are available for redemption is published here www.lendleaseplus.com/benefits, and Lendlease shall have the sole discretion to add, modify, or remove any Reward from time to time.

Redemption of Plus$ for Rewards can be made via the App or at the Concierge Desk. Redemption of Plus$ is final, and Plus$ that have been redeemed for a Reward cannot be refunded.

To redeem Rewards that require collection at the Concierge Desk, the redeeming Member must be physically present and must show an original personal photo identification (including, but not limited to driving license/work permit/student pass) and any Proof of Purchase as may be required by Lendlease for the redemption.

Any Reward that is redeemed via the App and requires collection at the Concierge Desk must be collected by the redeeming Member no later than one (1) month from the date of redemption, or by the stipulated deadline, whichever is earlier, failing which the Reward shall be forfeited. No refunds of Plus$ will be given for any forfeited Rewards.

Upon successful redemption of Plus$ for a Reward, the redeemed Reward cannot be withdrawn, replaced, extended, or exchanged for cash or any other Reward. Refunds and/or exchanges of redeemed Rewards will not be entertained.

Any Reward that is a gift card or shopping/cash voucher shall only be valid for use at the specified store(s) in the designated Mall(s). The Member shall further abide by all other terms and conditions of use as may be stated on the voucher or gift card.

Lendlease e-Vouchers

Lendlease Electronic Vouchers ("e-Vouchers") are only available in denominations of S$5, S$10, and S$50 for redemption with Plus$ via the App.

The value of each e-Voucher is equivalent to the stated amount in Singapore Dollars, and is only valid for use at outlets of participating retail stores within the Malls ("Participating Retailers").

A Member may redeem 10,000 Plus$ for a S$5 e-Voucher.

e-Vouchers are not exchangeable for cash. Any unutilized or remaining value of the e-Voucher cannot be refunded or exchanged for cash.

e-Vouchers are valid for twelve (12) months from date of issue/ redemption unless otherwise stated. No extension will be entertained.

e-Vouchers are NOT VALID for use for any of the Disqualified Transactions.

Conversion of Lendlease e-Vouchers to Lendlease Paper Vouchers (or Vice Versa)

Members who wish to convert (a) their e-Vouchers to Lendlease paper vouchers ("Paper Vouchers") or (b) their Paper Vouchers to e-Vouchers, should submit their request via email to enquiries@member.lendleaseplus.com or at the Concierge Desk, The request will be assessed on a case-by-case basis by management . In the event the request is approved, the denomination and expiry date of the Paper Voucher or e-Voucher (as the case may be) will follow the original e-Voucher or Paper Voucher (as the case may be) upon conversion.

The original e-Voucher or Paper Voucher (as the case may be) will be void once converted, and the conversion process is irreversible.

Personal Data

Lendlease requires a Member to provide personal data including email address and mobile number in relation to participating in the Programme. All such personal data is subject to the Lendlease Privacy Policy as listed above. The Lendlease Privacy Policy is deemed to be incorporated into these Terms & Conditions between Lendlease and the Member in respect of the Programme.

By providing your personal data to Lendlease, you consent to the collection, use, processing and disclosure of your personal data in accordance with the terms of the Lendlease Privacy Policy. You also consent to Lendlease monitoring your access to and use of the Services, as well as the App, Website, and Concierge Desk and its various services.

If you withdraw your consent to any or all use of your personal data, depending on the nature of your request, Lendlease may not be able to provide or continue providing products and services to you, or administer any contractual relationship already in place. You understand and agree that in such instances where Lendlease requires your personal data to fulfil a contractual obligation to you and you withdraw your consent to collect, use, process, or disclose the relevant personal data for those purposes, Lendlease cannot be held liable for breach of that agreement. Lendlease's legal rights and remedies in such event are expressly reserved


Lendlease has absolute and unfettered discretion to:

modify, change, update, or revise the Programme structure, privileges, and other features, including these Terms & Conditions, and any terms and conditions regarding the Plus$, Rewards, Membership (including Premium Memberships), any prices, promotions, privileges, and/or other features;

remove, discontinue, suspend, or terminate the whole or any portion of the Programme; and/or

impose restrictions on certain features or revoke any rights or privileges granted under the Programme,

at any time and for any reason, with written notice to Members.

Any amendments to the Programme structure, privileges, and other features, including these Terms & Conditions, will apply and take effect immediately at the time they are published on any Lendlease websites, and the publication of the relevant updated information on the App. It is each Member's responsibility to remain updated on any changes that may be made to the Terms & Conditions. Members shall be deemed to have understood, accepted, and affirmed the amended or modified Terms & Conditions by their continued use of the Programme following any change to the Terms & Conditions. Lendlease will not in any event be liable for any loss, damage, liability, claims, demands, fees, costs and expenses (including legal and professional costs and expenses) (collectively, "Loss") resulting from any amendment(s) or modifications to these Terms & Conditions.

All decisions, determinations, evaluations, and assessments made by Lendlease regarding the Programme and any Member, Membership (including Premium Memberships), Plus$, or any other right and privilege associated with any Member or Membership, are final and conclusive and not open to question, appeal, or review on any grounds.

While Lendlease will generally not do so without reason, Lendlease reserves the right to cancel, terminate, and/or suspend the Programme and/or any Member's account and Membership (including Premium Memberships), at any time at its sole and absolute discretion without notice or justification, and/or terminate these Terms & Conditions, including without limitation in the event of unauthorised, or suspected unauthorised use of the Membership account and/or the rights and privileges associated with the account, whether in contravention of these Terms & Conditions or otherwise. Lendlease reserves the right to consequently reject, cancel, void, confiscate, or invalidate any Plus$, Rewards, e-Vouchers, Paper Vouchers, transactions, promotions or other features associated with the Member and his account. Lendlease may pursue all remedies available to it under these Terms & Conditions and at law for any breach of these Terms & Conditions.

Lendlease endeavours to ensure, but will not be able to ascertain the accuracy, quality, or reliability of all materials and information posted on the Website and App, which may contain occasional errors, and will not be held liable for any Loss suffered by you arising out of or due to any errors or inaccuracies on the Website or App.

Lendlease shall not be liable for any:

Loss suffered arising out of or due to any transaction or dealing between any Participating Retailer's outlet and the Member and/or e-Voucher holder;

Loss or failure to deliver the Membership, Services, and all associated privileges as a direct result of a Member's failure to provide Lendlease with up-to-date personal data;

error, omission, delay or loss of Plus$ as a result of technical malfunction or any error attributed to any staff, employee, agent, or service provider of Lendlease, the Malls, or Mall Owners; or inaccurate or missing Plus$ or loss of benefits and services due to a Member's non-verification of their Plus$ balances or expiry of Plus$.

No advice or information, whether oral or written, obtained by any Member from Lendlease, the Mall, and/or their respective employees and agents, will create any warranty regarding the Programme that is not expressly stated in these Terms & Conditions.

Lendlease provides no representations or warranties in relation to, and shall not be liable for, any Loss incurred for any reason whatsoever in relation to the redemption of any Rewards using the Plus$, including whether due to the non-delivery or non-provision of any Rewards redeemed using Plus$ for any reasons, or the use by any person of such Rewards.

Customer Service Support

For customer service support or any questions regarding the terms of the Programme, Members may approach the Concierge Desk, or contact Lendlease via the following avenues:

Email: enquiries@member.lendleaseplus.com

Hotline: 9459 2691
Operating hours: Monday – Friday, 09:00am to 06:00pm (excluding weekends & public holidays)


Binding Effect
These Terms & Conditions shall be binding upon Lendlease and you (each a "Party" and together the "Parties") hereto, and inure to the benefit of the Parties and their respective assigns and successors including their liquidators and/or receivers, if any.

Waiver & Remedies

No waiver of any rights under these Terms & Conditions shall be effective unless made in writing and signed by the Party granting such waiver. No forbearance, delay or indulgence by a Party in enforcing the provisions of these Terms & Conditions shall prejudice or restrict the rights of that Party nor shall any waiver of its rights operate as a waiver of any subsequent breach

No right, power or remedy herein conferred upon or reserved for either Party is exclusive of any other right, power or remedy available to that Party and each such right, power or remedy shall be cumulative, unless where otherwise expressly stipulated in these Terms & Conditions.

In the event of any conflict or inconsistency between any term or condition of your use of the Services, and a provision of these Terms & Conditions herein, the provision of these Terms & Conditions shall prevail to the extent of such conflict or inconsistency, save where such provision of the Services is specifically expressed as having precedence over such provision of these Terms & Conditions.

In the event that any of these terms, conditions, warranties, or obligations shall be determined invalid, unlawful or unenforceable to any extent such term, condition or provision shall be severed from the remaining terms, conditions and provisions which shall continue to be valid to the fullest extent permitted by law.

You shall indemnify and hold Lendlease, its related corporations, directors, officers, agents and employees harmless from and against any and all claims, costs (including legal costs on an indemnity basis), demands, liabilities, Loss, damages and expenses of whatever nature incurred arising from or in connection with your misuse or unauthorised/illegal use of the Membership and/or breach of any provision of these Terms & Conditions, including without limitation, any fraud or misrepresentation of any information supplied or to be supplied under these Terms & Conditions, without prejudice to Lendlease's rights and remedies under these Terms & Conditions or at law.

Governing Law & Jurisdiction

These Terms & Conditions shall be subject to, governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Singapore.

The Parties hereby submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Singapore courts.