Premium members, rejoice! New perks unlocked. Jem, Jem, PLQ Mall, PLQ, Parkway Parade, Parkway Parade, 313@somerset, 313@somerset 01 Jun - 30 Apr

Shoutout to all Lendlease Plus Premium members - NEW priority perks unlocked!

Skip the queue and enjoy priority access to fitting rooms and the opportunity to try-on more outfits at participating stores in Lendlease malls. Discover shopping like never before!
Simply flash your Premium membership status in-store for verification purposes and shop away!

Fret not if you are a Basic member, accumulate a total spend of $8,000 within your spending cycle to discover Premium privileges such as 2X Plus$ on your purchases and exclusive promotions on top of this new perk!

*To view your membership tier status, tap on “Wallet” on your Lendlease Plus mobile app. To view participating stores, head to the Premium Priority Perks section under your Lendlease Plus mobile app. T&Cs apply.