Streamlined Services at PLQ Mall Concierge PLQ Mall, PLQ 05 Jun - 31 Jul

In an effort to streamline our concierge services and move towards digitalisation, PLQ Mall Level 4 Concierge will be closed with effect from 1 July 2024. Most of the concierge services will be ceased and/ or transformed to digital services.

Still need assistance? Here are 3 ways to find us - 

1. Streamlined Concierge

A new concierge with streamlined services will be relocated to PLQ Mall Level 1, operating daily from 11.30am to 9pm. Streamlined concierge services include General Enquiries, Wayfinding and Lost and Found. 

2. Lendlease Plus App 

Earn more rewards, purchase E-Vouchers, redeem Park Plus$ and more via the Lendlease Plus mobile app. For Lendlease Plus enquiries, contact us via the Lendlease Plus mobile app or email 

3. PLQ Website/ Socials

Follow @PayaLebarQuarter on Facebook and Instagram or visit for the latest updates. 

For more info, please visit