Find Your Fortune Treasure Hunt Jem®, PLQ, Parkway Parade, 313@somerset 18 Jan - 19 Feb

Leap into the Year of the Rabbit and join our Augmented Reality Challenge to redeem exciting prizes! Read on to discover how you can earn exclusive Chinese New Year rewards inclusive of retailers' E-Deals, Plus$ and limited-edition Cai Shen NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens).

Our E-Angbaos include retailers’ E-Deals, and up to a total of 56 million Plus$ up for grabs across all four Lendlease malls!

To earn and redeem E-Angbaos, simply follow these 4 easy steps:

1) Launch your Lendlease Plus mobile app while at the AR Active Zones in any of the four Lendlease malls

2) Through the app, launch the game and start collecting E-Angbaos promotion codes tagged to retailers’ E-Deals

3) To add the promotion code into your Lendlease Plus wallet, click on Wallet > Deals and key in the code within the promo code deal field

4) Redeem your award by showing the QR code of the E-Deal to staff at participating retailers!

A limited quantity of Plus$ E-Angbaos worth up to 888,888 Plus$ per Angbao is also available for grabs so head on down to our malls now!

Kindly note that Plus$ prizes will be credited into your Lendlease Plus wallet within 7 working days.

Looking for something even more special? Locate all 5 Elemental Rabbits through our in-app game and combine them to mint a limited-edition Cai Shen Rabbit NFT!

Simply follow the steps below:

1) Locate all 5 elemental rabbits - Metal (White), Fire (Red), Water (Black), Earth (Green) and Wood (Brown) on the game map

2) Switch to AR view to collect the rabbits

3) Combine the 5 rabbits to mint a limited-edition Cai Shen NFT! Our limited-edition Cai Shen NFT honors the God of Wealth and Prosperity and can be minted on any popular blockchain.

Fastest fingers first as only 88 of the Cai Shen Rabbit NFTs are available!

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